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In response to the outbreak of the coronavirus, COVID-19, we are advising all patients to follow the latest advice from the Government and NHS. This page will always have our latest information. Please be sure you read the at all times section, as this contains essential advice for anyone who is considering visiting the practice.


·       Following the Government’s declaration that the country has moved into the amber phase of the pandemic, since 15 June 2020 the advice from our professional bodies is that we should move from only seeing urgent cases to seeing routine cases. However, for each patient, we recommend a risk assessment as explained in the next point.


·       The benefit of attending for an eye examination needs to be weighed against the risk from COVID-19. For example, for a patient with no health problems that represent a risk from COVID-19 who is not seeing as well as they would like, it is sensible to attend for an eye examination. For a patient who is having no problems with their vision and no eye conditions the optometrist needs to monitor, but has a health problem that puts them at substantial risk from COVID-19, it would be better not to have an eye examination at this stage.


·       If individuals with eye problems or visual symptoms are also in a group at particular risk from COVID-19, a difficult decision must be made about whether to come for an eye examination. If you wish to discuss this with our staff, please e-mail or telephone the practice.


·       If you have contacted us during the pandemic and asked to be seen as soon as possible, we will be contacting you to offer you an appointment.


·       We will be telephoning patients whose pre-booked appointments were moved because of the pandemic, to offer them an appointment if they meet the definition of prioritised cases above.


·       If you are shielding or in a group that is vulnerable to COVID-19 and decide not to visit the practice, please let us know if you would like us to stop sending you reminders and again when you would like us to restart. Alternatively, it is fine if you would rather receive reminders and ignore these until it is appropriate for you to attend.


·       The service we offer has been modified to maximise the safety from COVID-19, as described below.


·       There is a maximum of two clinics per day, instead of our usual three, with appointments spaced out to limit the number of patients in the practice.


·       We have reduced dispensing and reception staff, again to minimise the number of people in the practice. Thank you for your patience if it takes longer than usual to answer the telephone.


·       We have installed protective screens in reception and dispensing to facilitate the usual social distancing.


·       When our work requires us to be closer than 2 m, we will wear facemasks and ask patients to as well. We have a limited supply and can provide these if required. If you have your own, please bring them with you.


·       To avoid unnecessary visits to the practice, we prefer to post spectacles or contact lenses.


·       As explained below, please only attend the practice when you have an appointment, even if it is just spectacle adjustment or solutions you need. Please always telephone first. We can arrange appointments with an optometrist or a dispensing optician.


·       When you book an appointment for an eye examination, you will be asked if you think you may need a change to your spectacles. This is so we know you may be seeing the dispensing optician after your eye examination.


·       It has always been recommended to obtain spectacles from the practice that carries out the eye examination. At the present time, this is essential to avoid visiting two establishments, which increases the risk of spreading COVID-19. Nearly all our patients obtain their spectacles at our practice. In the unlikely event that you would like to purchase spectacles elsewhere, you should attend that practice for your eye examination.


·       During the pandemic, we are seeing an increased number of patients referred to Cole Martin Tregaskis by other optometrists, GPs, and hospital eye clinics (e.g., Queens Hospital, Moorfields Eye Hospital). If you are one of these patients, please tell the receptionist when you contact us.


·       When you arrange an appointment, please make sure we have an up-to-date mobile telephone number for you. This is so that, if our optometrist is running late, we can telephone you and ask you to stay in your car rather than having to wait in the practice.


·       We have state-of-the-art scanning equipment (OCT) which provides a superior view of structures at the back of the eye and can shorten the amount of time we need to spend working in very close proximity to the patient. For those patients who can cope with the stairs, we recommend OCT scans as standard at the present time and the fees and charges for this are explained on the Eyecare page of this website.


·       For anyone planning a visit to the practice, please carefully read the information in the At all times section below.



At all times

·       If you or anyone in your household have symptoms suggestive of COVID-19 (a new persistent cough, fever, loss of smell or taste) you MUST NOT COME to the practice.


·       Please do not visit the practice unless for an appointment that has been pre-arranged. If you would like to book an appointment or see a member of staff, please always telephone or e-mail first. 


·       If you attend, please try to come alone or, if necessary (e.g., for a child), bring only one person with you.


·       If you need to order contact lenses, please e-mail or telephone the practice.


·       On advice from our professional bodies, our staff will be asking more questions than usual about your health, especially whether you have symptoms of COVID-19. We are sorry if we ask you this more than once, but we are sure you will understand that if in doubt, we will err on the side of caution.


·       Our optometrists may telephone you before the appointment to ask you about your symptoms and history. This is to minimise the amount of face-to-face contact time.


·       On advice from our professional bodies, we have changed our policy for the collection of contact lenses or spectacles. We no longer ask you to attend the practice to collect these, but instead will post them to you. In the unlikely event that, on trying your spectacles or contact lenses, there are any problems, please telephone the practice.


·       As a healthcare practice, we always take hygiene very seriously and adhere to strict guidelines to ensure our practice remains clean. We have tightened our measures to reduce risk as much as possible.


·       When you arrive at the practice, please immediately wash your hands in the downstairs washroom. If this is in use, you will see hand sterilising gel around the practice which we encourage all patients to use.


·       All our staff wash their hands thoroughly before and after every patient appointment. You will see basins with water and soap in every examination room and the toilets.


·       We disinfect our equipment and frames after contact with patients. We sanitise all common areas throughout the day, particularly focusing on touch points such as door handles and credit card machines.


·       We are avoiding any unnecessary skin to skin contact such as handshaking.


·       We are only accepting payments by credit or debit card. If this is difficult for you, please let us know.


·       Please monitor this website for more information.



Other recent news


New directors – same direction

Dr Claire O’Leary and Mrs Anita Shah have joined Professor Bruce Evans as shareholders and co-directors of Cole Martin Tregaskis Ltd. Bruce said “I am delighted that Anita and Claire have shown such commitment to the long-term future of the practice. I have worked with Claire at the practice for over 20 years and she is well-known to patients for her expertise on dry eye. Anita joined the team over 10 years ago, and her higher qualifications in glaucoma and therapeutics are helping us raise our clinical services to an ever-higher level. Anita is increasing the hours she works at the practice. Bruce, who has owned the practice since 1996, is reducing his clinics to two days a week to focus more on his research and writing.


Contact lens recycling

We are proudly participating in the Johnson & Johnson contact lens recycle programme. Simply collect your contact lens waste (used contact lenses, blister packs) at home and bring them with you at your next visit to the practice. We have a recycling bin for these in reception. When our bin is full it is collected for recycling.


Please note, cardboard packaging and boxes are not collected as part of this scheme. These can go in your usual household recycling.


Two outstanding new team members

Ella Wyss joined the practice as an MSci trainee optometrist in 2018 and joined the permanent staff after qualifying in August 2019. Natasha Browne joined the team as Dispensing Lead in early 2019 and is a highly experienced dispensing optician. Read more about these outstanding additions to the team, and other staff news, on our page on The Team.


A training practice

Manchester University has one of the leading optometry schools, with 100 students a year. The top 4 of these are entered on a Masters programme, one of the few in the UK. We have been selected as a training practice for this, and in 2020 have been joined by Mohammed (Zaan) Malik. Professor Evans commented “When I interviewed Mohammed, I was impressed by an outstanding young optometrist, with excellent communication skills.”


You may be offered an examination with one of these pre-registration optometrists. You will find that they take a little longer than usual, but you will receive a very thorough eye exam including optical coherent tomography scans, included free of charge. The trainees work under close supervision of our experienced optometrists.


Practice selected as first to use new myopia control contact lens

MiSight packshot (002)Cole Martin Tregaskis has always been at the forefront of optometry and we are very excited to have been selected as one of the first practices in Europe to be able to prescribe a new type of soft contact lens designed to slow the progression of short-sightedness. Parents will have noticed that more children nowadays wear glasses and the increased prevalence of short-sightedness has been described as endemic. This is important because short-sightedness is associated with an increased risk of eye diseases in later life and this risk is greater for higher degrees of short-sightedness. This is a major problem in Asia, where over 90% of students are short-sighted. Myopia control is the term used to describe special lenses that slow down the progression of short-sightedness. MiSight is the first daily disposable soft contact lens that has been designed for myopia control and the lens has been prescribed in Asia for several years.


Cole Martin Tregaskis have been pioneers of myopia control and our principal optometrist, Professor Bruce Evans, has lectured all over the world on this topic. The practice was selected in March 2017, with a few others in the UK, to supply MiSight ahead of its launch, which is expected later this year. More information can be found here about myopia control.


Introduction to Cole Martin Tregaskis Optometrists

We are an independent optometric practice devoted to the highest standards of eyecare and to quality eyewear. We provide routine eye examinations and a wide range of designer and non-designer spectacle frames. We also supply a very large range of spectacle lenses, specialising in high index (thin) lenses and varifocal spectacles. We are a Varilux Gold Specialist Centre and are an Approved Seiko Specialist.


playWe also provide several specialist investigations and treatments including: all types of contact lenses, dry eye treatment, special visual investigations relating to dyslexia, migraine, and epilepsy, orthoptics and eye exercises, and second opinions. We see patients of all ages, from one week after birth to over 100 years old. The practice has wheelchair access and eye examination and spectacle dispensing facilities downstairs. There is a child-friendly play area.


We are one of the largest independent optometric practices in the area, with over 34,000 patients and a team of five optometrists, seven dispensers, and nine support staff. However, we are strongly committed to maintaining personal care for our patients. We always try to arrange patients’ appointments with the same optometrist, so that a continuing relationship can be established between patient and practitioner. Altogether, our staff have over 100 years of combined experience at providing eyecare to the public.


Our independent status means that we can order spectacle frames, lenses, and contact lenses from virtually any supplier. Indeed, we have accounts with well over 50 suppliers. This gives us freedom to order the best optical products for our patients.


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IMG_0730The practice was founded in 1947 by Philip Cole. Mr Cole (OBE) is a well-known figure in the optometric profession, and was founding President of the British College of Optometrists.


Mr Cole was joined by Mr Tony Martin and Mr Tony Tregaskis, who both worked at the practice for more than 20 years. Professor Bruce Evans joined the practice in 1988 and took over the helm in 1996. Sadly, Tony Martin passed away in 1995 and Tony Tregaskis retired in 1998. Philip Cole passed away in January 2019. Dr Cole made an outstanding contribution to the development of the profession of optometry in the UK and his obituary can be found here. Professor Evans decided to keep the name, Cole Martin Tregaskis Optometrists, to signify a commitment to continue the high standards set by the three practitioners who had done so much to build a reputation for excellence.


In 1998 the practice moved to more spacious premises at 23 Shenfield Road, the main road joining Shenfield and Brentwood. Also in 1998, two other local independent optometrists retired, Mr Peter Ringe and Mr Richard Hutchings. These practitioners invited us to continue to care for their patients. In 2004 the reception and dispensing areas were refurbished to increase the capacity for spectacle frames. We now have about 1,000 frames, most of which are on display and including many designer makes. Anyone is very welcome to come in at any time and browse. For more information about our spectacles and dispensing services please click on Spectacles. In 2014 the practice was refurbished to improve sound insulation and improve our environmental footprint. In 2019 Mrs Anita Shah and Dr Claire O’Leary joined Professor Bruce Evans as shareholders and co-directors of the company. The latest information about the practice can be found on our Practice Newsletter, which can be accessed by clicking on Practice Newsletter.


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Opening Hours

Monday        9:00 to 5:00

Tuesday       9:00 to 5:00

Wednesday   9:00 to 5:00

Thursday      9:00 to 7:00

Friday          9:00 to 5:00

Saturday       9:00 to 4:00


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Contact Information

E-mail address

Web address 


01277 211164


01277 213312


23 Shenfield Road, Brentwood, Essex, CM15 8AG


Car parking

There are two car parking spaces available for patients at the rear of the practice, accessible from Sawyers Hall Lane. We cannot guarantee that a space will be available and there is a large car park for the Sainsbury’s superstore just North of Brentwood High Street (via Ongar Road). If you do park at the rear of the practice please only leave your car whilst you are in the practice.


There is parking at the front of the practice which is reserved for disabled patients. These three disabled parking spaces are shared with our neighbours, Homewood Dental Surgery and can only be used by patients at either practice who have made a reservation by telephoning the dental practice on 01277 220147. When making a reservation please provide details of the type and registration of your car and also of your appointment time.



How to find us

By rail

We are a 10 minute taxi ride from either Shenfield Station or Brentwood Station. Both are on the direct line from Liverpool Street Station in London. Although Shenfield is furthest, there are fast trains that make their first or second stop at Shenfield.

Directions from the M25

- exit at Junction 28 taking A1023 to Brentwood

- the practice is on the left exactly 0.1 miles after the second of these mini roundabouts

- telephone: 01277 211164

To download a map, click here: Map to Cole Martin Tregaskis Optometrists

Information on car parking is provided above.



We take great pride in the standard of service we offer and most patients are so pleased with our service that they recommend us to their friends. But in the unlikely event that our care or products fall below the standards you expect then please write to Professor Bruce Evans at the practice.


Privacy notice

We are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office and take matters of personal privacy very seriously. In our capacity as health care providers, we store and process personal data (e.g., name, date of birth, contact details). The clinical data we store is contained in a state-of-the-art computer database from leading supplier which is encrypted and GDPR compliant.


We will contact you about eyecare matters, most commonly when you are due or overdue for an eye examination. If you would prefer that we do not contact you in this way, then please tell reception. We will not contact you for marketing reasons.


In accordance with professional guidelines, we keep patient records for about 10 years after you were last seen, longer for children. We keep this information for clinical and clinico-legal reasons. Since we have seen over 33,000 patients over the years, it is quite a major task to clear out old records and typically we do this every 3-4 years.


If a third party contacts us asking for information about you we will not provide this unless you have specifically requested in writing for us to do so. The practice believes in the importance of research and education. We sometimes allow researchers or educators to access anonymous practice data for purposes of research or education. We stress that no data is taken from the practice for these purposes unless it has been fully anonymised. We take care to follow the advice of the Information Commissioner’s Office on data anonymisation and to avoid providing any information that could allow re-identification. This involves removing or masking personal details (name, address, telephone number, e-mail addresses). Such anonymised data will not be made publicly available but will only be provided to specific individuals for the uses detailed above. If you would like to opt out of this use of anonymised data please write or e-mail the Practice Manager, who is the Data Protection Officer (DPO).


Further information on information governance at this practice is available in our IGT leaflet. If you have any concerns or a complaint about how we store or process your personal data, then please contact the Practice Manager (DPO). If you are not content with the way a complaint has been resolved please contact the Principal Optometrist, Professor Bruce Evans. If you would like to escalate a complaint further, you can contact the Information Commissioner’s Office (


Legal information

On 1st May 2010 Cole Martin Tregaskis Optometrists became incorporated as Cole Martin Tregaskis Ltd (Registered in England, Company No. 7214391; Registered Office: Summit House, 13 High Street, London, E11 2AA). The company directors are Professor Bruce Evans, Mrs Anita Shah, Dr Claire O’Leary.


The practice is registered with the General Optical Council (CO-3814).


                                                          Last updated 26 May 2020

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