Second opinions

We have experience at offering second opinions on complicated visual problems. This includes caring for people who have trouble adjusting to spectacles and contact lenses, or who experience eyestrain or headaches. If you have trouble adjusting to contact lenses, please contact or experience eyestrain or headaches then please contact Professor Bruce Evans at the practice. If you have trouble adjusting to glasses then contact Dr O’Leary or Professor Evans.


Expert witness work

Professor Evans has also acted as an expert witness in several legal cases. His main areas of expertise include amblyopia (lazy eye), children’s vision, dyslexia and vision, and orthoptics (including the optometric management of squint or strabismus). Professor Evans’ CV can be viewed on his web site. For enquiries on these subjects, please contact Professor Evans.



Professor Evans also regularly lectures on a wide range of subjects. More details can be found on his web site.


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