The team


Directors: Prof Bruce Evans BSc PhD FCOptom FAAO FEAOO FBCLA DipCLP DipOrth   

Mrs Anita Shah  BSc MSc MCOptom DipTP(IP) Higher Cert Glaucoma

Dr Claire O’Leary BSc PhD MCOptom


Staff optometrists:

Ms Kristina Mihic MSc

Mrs Janice Oster BSc MCOptom


Dispensing team

Dispensing opticians

Natasha Browne  FBDO

Nick Garton  FBDO


Dispensing assistants

Lesley Tassen

Jaabir Booly


Support staff

Lesley Barnett (Practice Manager)

Jackie Gates  (Accounts Manager)

Belinda Hickey

Katie Milham

Georgina Stevens

Jaabir Booly

Paul Gates

Mohima Mohchin

Melanie Burling

Mahiya Mohchin

Hanna Webb


Information about the team

Professor Evans who took over the practice in 1996, in summer 2019 reduced his clinics to two days a week to focus more on his research and consultancy work. Dr Claire O’Leary and Mrs Anita Shah have joined Bruce as shareholders and co-directors of the company. Bruce said “I am delighted that Anita and Claire have shown such commitment to the long-term future of the practice. Their clinical excellence has contributed greatly to the success of the practice and their new role as co-directors means, the long-term future of the practice is in very safe hands.” Professor Evans is not taking on any new patients but will be happy to recommend one of his colleagues.


Dr Claire O’Leary has worked at the practice for over 20 years and in 2010 was awarded a PhD for research on clinical optometry. Her PhD examiners were very flattering about the quality of her research. Claire has specialised in dry eye and provides specialist advice to patients on the diagnosis and management of dry eye.


Mrs Anita Shah joined the practice in May 2008 and holds the highly respected MSc in Clinical Optometry from City, University of London. In 2014 Anita passed the College of Optometrists Independent Prescribing examination and joins the elite group of optometrists with independent prescribing rights. She also holds the College of Optometrists Professional Higher Certificate in Glaucoma. Anita works at the practice two days a week and works in a community hospital eye clinic where she diagnoses and treats glaucoma and related conditions.


Kristina Mihic Kristina initially qualified as an optometrist in Croatia in 2010 and subsequently worked as a clinical tutor in the optometry school in Croatia and received an MSc in Optometry and Vision Sciences from Aalen. Kristina then came to the UK to study for a PhD in contact lenses at City, University of London. On completing this work, Kristina joined our team of optometrists in July 2021. Kristina works part-time at the practice, also working in the Eye Department at Guy’s and St. Thomas’ Hospital.


Mrs Janice Oster provides occasional cover at the practice and always proves very popular with patients. Janice also works as specialist optometrist at Moorfields Eye Hospital.


Natasha Browne joined the team in March 2019 and is our Dispensing Manager. Tasha has over 10 years’ experience as a registered optician and has been working in Shenfield for several years. Nick Garton has been working with us for over 10 years. Tracey Kinns is another highly experienced dispensing optician who provides cover at the practice. Jane Jarrett and Janine Wildish both retired from the practice in 2021 and we wish them all the best for the future. Lesley Tassen joined the team in 2021 as a dispensing assistant. The dispensing team are ably assisted by Jaabir Booly, who has worked at the practice since 2014.


Lesley Barnett joined the practice in 2005 and has a reputation for outstanding organisational skills. Lesley worked for many years as Professor Evans’ PA and in 2013 was promoted to Practice Manager. Jaabir Booly works with Lesley as Practice Secretary. Mrs Jackie Gates is one of our longest-standing members of staff, having worked at the practice for over 30 years. Jackie works at the practice part-time and is Accounts Manager and in charge of contact lens ordering. Belinda Hickey joined the team in 2010 and Katie Milham in 2014. Both are frequently to be found on reception and answering the telephone and are always pleased to make new patients feel welcome. Georgina Stevens joined the practice in 2018 and Melanie Burling in 2021. Both are popular with patients for their friendly, efficient manner.


Mahiya Mohchin and Lola Webb work with us on Saturdays and look after the digital filing systems and help on reception. Paul Gates also helps run the reminder system.


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Updated April 2022